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Once again, the Zionist entity seemed to be “depressed” after another attempt to hit the Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance was found to be useless.

On Wednesday, Israeli Navy commando force, that reached the deep sea in small boats, boarded the Francop, a cargo ship owned by charter company UFS traveling under an Antiguan flag. According to Israeli media, the crew of sailors did not resist the commando and said that they did not know what was in the large container on board. The commando force opened the container and revealed missiles, rockets, shells, grenades, and small arms.

The Israeli “novel” doesn’t end here. The main point is the following: the weapons are Iranians, they are destined to Hezb’Allah. Concentrating in this point, the Zionist entity sought to influence the international public opinion and “fabricate” a new story against the Resistance.

But, “unfortunately,” Israel failed in just convincing this international public opinion of the “accuracy” of its “novel.”

According to Israeli daily Yedihot Ahronot, the Zionist entity felt depressed by its failure especially that the most important and prominent dailies and newspapers of the world didn’t deal with the news as Israel has wished. The Israeli daily said that the capture news did not produce any “choc” within the international media panels, unlike the Hezbollah denial that made the headlines.

Indeed, top US dailies such as New York Times and Washington Post didn’t believe the news was a big deal. They published it in the secondary news. It didn’t get any priority in other UK dailies such as Daily Telegraph and The Guardian. Moreover, the Western dailies that published the “story” referred it to its initial Israeli sources without adopting it, at the time many of them openly said that the whole issue was an Israeli “fabrication”.

1.Al Manar,Lebanese Media Outlet

Collateral damage is nothing more than a euphemism for state-sponsored mass murder. It is the term given to people killed in military actions who were “not intentionally targeted.”  In reality, this is pure propaganda.  It has always been morally just to protect innocent people against aggressors.  But, on the other hand, it has never been moral, nor has it ever been necessary, to bomb cities filled with innocent people.

We rarely see the faces or know the identities of those reduced to the status of collateral damage.  It is a gray area where the victim becomes less than a person. Interestingly enough, during the Vietnam War, both Henry Kissinger and Robert McNamara used the term “integers” to describe those civilian deaths that they preferred not to have publicized as human beings.  Such is the amazing power of doublespeak.

Civilians killed incidental to what the dominant power refers to as “progress” are called collateral damage, while those killed intentionally are victims of “terrorism.”  But all too often, unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to tell the difference between the two.  Governments regularly do one and call it the other, but the end result is still the same; dead civilians.  So, no matter name you give it (War on Terrorism, Spreading Democracy, Regime Change, Defending our Freedoms), when war is taken to a civilian population, isn’t it nothing more than terrorism and murder, even if you later call the victims collateral damage?

Come to think of it, there is probably no term that is more repugnant and immoral than the one that discards the importance of other people’s lives are mere collateral damage; especially when their deaths become incidental to the conquest of some military or political objective.  As collateral damage, these people suffer the same outcome as fat discarded by a butcher.

It is important to note, however, that those who use the term “collateral damage” strategically always seem to apply it to foreigners; such as Iraqis and Afghanis.  Even when a two-ton, laser-guided bomb is dropped on a small village, it’s claimed that the mass deaths were “inadvertent” and “tragic,” and that they could have been prevented if the “terrorists” would just stop fighting back, or as some of us call it, resisting.  So, rather than treating these people as human beings victimized by evil actions, they are simply written off as collateral damage, i.e., rubble.

No moral person would ever dream of referring to a policeman killed while trying to save people from the World Trade Center as collateral damage, even though that policeman was also an “inadvertent” victim, and not the direct target of the attack.  We can all acknowledge the fact that the policeman was a real person, and not just an unfortunate statistic.  That person was the victim of a heinous act of violence which caused his death.  Likewise, the innocent victims of our government’s actions in the “war on terror” are more than a statistic.  They are also victims of heinous acts of violence.

Apologists for American soldiers killing people in Iraq would like us to believe that their killings are justifiable because they’re done in “self-defense.”  The awful truth is that most killing in the course of this or any war is simply murderdisguised as self defense.  Otherwise, we’d have to accept as morally valid, a thought process similar to this:

Those Iraqis were trying to kill ME so I just had to kill THEM. Like my leaders said, they were supposed to welcome me as a liberator, and let me secure their country for them.  I’m here to help these poor people, and all they do is shoot at me!

Let’s try to simplify this self-defense argument.  U.S. soldiers participate in the invasion of Iraq, which is a country thousands of miles away from home that has never attacked America. The soldiers have their weapons loaded, with fingers on the trigger.  Meanwhile, there are Iraqi citizens who object to their country being invaded by a foreign army.  They proceed to load their own weapons, and point them at invading U.S. soldiers.  American soldiers then shoot and kill the “foreigners” in their home country.  According to American politicians and military leaders, such killings are not murder; they’re self-defense. These “insurgents” should have just given up and surrendered peacefully.

With this type of thinking, I suppose that if a person were to stand on your driveway and aim a loaded weapon at you, they would be justified in killing you if you were to point a gun at them. They, and not you, under this code of collateral damage, would be the ones using self-defense!  Oh, you might say that the robber was trespassing, right?  U.S. troops are doing the same, are they not?  We’ve heard it called regime change, spreading democracy, fighting terrorism and more.  But, what else can it be called other than trespassing?  It is nothing more than an invasion, which is trespassing at the barrel of a gun.

When a State drops bombs on another country and brings about the inevitable deaths of innocents, it cannot be exempted from liability just because it didn’t want to kill them. It can never be innocent itself, whatever the justification.  It can never be anything but fully responsible for each and every death it causes.  Reducing men, women and children to statistics will never eliminate the overall culpability of the aggressor State.

The obvious assumption that the murderers make is that our goals and our liveshave more importance than that of any foreigners, and therefore, in order to achieve these goals, we have the right to murder them without repercussion.  Because there is never a penalty for the “winners,” it must be a right…right?  But what kind of right could this be?  Is it an inherent right, a legal right, a moral right?  In fact, it’s none of these; it is simply a right of superior power.  This is the same kind of right that has been exercised by tyrants throughout history; giving them justification to murder millions to achieve a “greater good.”

So, these unfortunate people, the collateral damage of war, have been forced to become martyrs for the unchecked power that caused their deaths.  They have been discarded for the sake of the higher cause; not based on their own beliefs, but ours.  It should be quite self-evident by this point in history, that anyone who claims to believe in freedom and equality could never use the phrase “collateral damage” without being an utter hypocrite.  Such hubris must not continue forever.  The murder of innocent people is murder, period.

Yes, it is true that innocents die when war is waged.  Yes, innocent people will always die when their cities are bombed and their homes are invaded.  This is all the reason that should be needed to vehemently oppose every aggressive war that our government engages in!

In the end it doesn’t matter what you call it. A half-million Iraqi children who died as a result of “sanctions” don’t care what you call it.  They, and their brethren who are dying today, don’t care about the doublespeak used by so-called scholars, party loyalists, military apologists, or any other supporters of our brutal wars – they’re dead.

1.Published on SmirkingChimp.com,written by
Michael Boldin

Dear AIPAC Call-Girl,
How does it feel to sell your soul for a shekel? Does it make you feel all tingly inside to know that you spat on an unbiased UN report which you,more than likely,never read?

2,500 pages. Two-thousand five-hundred pages of unbiased and unwavering truth collected and presented by a Jewish South African Zionist. A Jewish,South African Zionist.

But, just like the other Pro-Israel harlots currently doing political strip-teases in the “United States Congress” you have decided it is in your [bank accounts] best ‘interest‘ to refuse any further investigation of the Goldstone report.
I dare not even attempt to ask why,for I know the answer:

You are a vile,spineless whore.

The blood of over 1,400 innocent men,women and children are on your hands and no matter how harsh I may seem I could never show the truly perverse nature of your actions.

How does the blood of innocent children taste? Is it bitter and hard to swallow or has it become much more palatable for you after your apathetic stance over Iraq and Afghanistan?
How does it feel to sell the American people short in order to make your extravagant life-style possible?

You have raped and pillaged the constitution in order to advocate a senseless and immoral ‘state’ hell-bent on denying inherent rights to the indigenous population – The Palestinians.
You have caused the world to see us as monsters while you steal innocence from every region of the Middle East,all in the name of your elitist evangelism.

I only pray that when you attempt to sleep at night you hear the screams of Gazan children; some buried alive,some burned alive and others struggling to live their lives under occupation.

You are clear evidence of the evil which exists in this world – Delving in parasitic sin,living to destroy and purloin for political prostitution.

You are no thing more than an AIPAC owned and operated whore,and you are no representative of mine.

I suggest you make Aliya to Israel for that is where your true allegiance is located.

A Constitution loving American Citizen.


Today is Media Action Day for Gaza: An event which attempts to unite people under the banner of solidarity with those living under Israel occupation. This is my Op-Ed for M.A.D; A humble attempt to show my devotion to the Palestinian cause – regardless of my origin.

My fingers can’t help but pursue the feeling of smooth plastic brushing up against them in an attempt to spill forth words kept huddled inside a head too full and heart too big. It was a year ago today,November 5th, that Israel broke the cease-fire in Gaza which led to a 22-day military offensive against the Palestinians living in the strip called “Operation Cast Lead.
Israeli forces killed some 1,300 Palestinians, including 280 children, and injured approximately 4,300 others, including 1,100 children. Civilians comprised nearly
70 percent of the Palestinian death toll.

The aerial and ground offensive also destroyed 2,400 homes, 29 schools, 121 commercial and industrial workshops, 60 police stations, and 30 mosques. During the Operation, thirteen Israelis were killed including three civilians and four soldiers killed by friendly fire.
During this offensive all I was capable of doing was simply writing: blog posts, Op-ed articles, drawing up posters – anything I was able to commit myself to doing with my hands calmed my nerves but
never did it ease the earth-shattering pain in my heart.

All of my articles could not equate to the damning Goldstone report, led by South African Judge Richard Goldstone, which was a spine-tingling 2,500 pages – The report was finished being ‘read‘ by Israeli spokesman Mark Regev in less than 3 hours wherein it was swiftly declared “biased“.

A 22-day assault on humanity was accumulated within 2,500 pages and declared null and void in less time than it takes one to finish mundane activities at home. 22-days of deadly air-strikes on civilian homes, UN buildings, schools, places of worship and even ambulances was spat on not only once but twice; Yesterday the United States Congress (i.e. AIPAC call-girls) called on the President and the Secretary of State to oppose unequivocally any endorsement or further consideration of the “Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict”. The vote was a heart-stopping 344 representatives asking for the Goldstone report to be opposed while only 36 stood in favor of further consideration of the report.
A list of those who voted for calling off further investigation into the Gaza massacre along with those who supported the Goldstone report within the United States Congress can be found

This outcome was expected by those who have been around long enough to witness the perverse collaboration between United States representatives and the Israeli Lobby. The incestuous relationship being promoted within factions of US political parties is not only confounded but also diametrical to the values of the United States of America; our ‘representatives‘ are to work for us,not for Israel.

To the masses it seems like we are at an impasse with no alternative but to allow Israel to continue and pursue more assaults on innocent civilians all in the name of a theologically unsound conjecture : annexations and unquestioned genocidal tendencies all done in the name of evangelized elitism.

This imperialist catch-22 will be broken,just as the Gaza siege shall be broken and this is not an inconsequential statement but a promise.
This is a promise made on behalf of those who have lost their lives while defending their land and in respect to those still struggling to live under occupation.

So, to mark the one year anniversary of the Israeli cease-fire disengagement I would like to call on everyone to make a promise to the people of Palestine – that we will never let this happen again without making our voices heard.

Our vow to the people of Palestine:

  • We shall defend you with as much vehemence and fervor as we would our own lives or the lives of our sisters,brothers,fathers and mothers.
  • We shall not remain silent while you are tormented by illegal blockades, lack of water, proper medical supplies, food, clothing or other means of survival.
  • We shall uphold your  prerogative to defend yourselves as we would our own self-determination. Peaceful revolutions are foremost measures in your fight against apartheid but under International Law you also have the right to physically defend yourselves against Israeli aggression.
  • We recognize your inherent value to humanity and shall stand in solidarity through your moments of pain and long hours of struggle.
  • We profess that for every Palestinian who falls in the line of duty whilst defending his or her home and family we shall grieve and mourn as if we had lost our own brother,sister,father or mother.
  • We shall call on our communities to not only educate themselves but others over the tribulations being faced by the people of Palestine.

No justice,no peace. No justice,no peace. No justice,no peace.

Today,and everyday until every inch of Palestine is free,we are all Palestinian – maybe not by blood,but by choice.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband on Tuesday criticized Israel’s construction of settlements in the occupied West Bank as “illegal” and said they represented an “obstacle” in the path of peace.

“Settlements are illegal in our view and an obstacle” that impedes efforts which seek to work out a final settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians, Miliband told a press conference at the end of a one-day visit to Jordan and talks with King Abdullah II.

The British Foreign Secretary also conferred in Amman with the U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell to review the outcome of a regional tour Mitchell and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton were carrying out to try to spur the stalled peace process.

Miliband supported the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with occupied East Jerusalem as its capital and expressed concern over Israeli violations in East Jerusalem, which Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 Six-Day War.

“The current situation is obviously particularly tense in respect to Jerusalem. We view events there with considerable concern, along with our EU and international partners,” he said.

Miliband also warned that any alternative to a two-state vision as a solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict would be “dark and unwelcome”.

Abdullah II, for his part, urged the international community to pressure Israel to stop its “unilateral actions” in occupied East Jerusalem, according to a royal court statement following their meeting.

“The monarch underlined the importance of the European Union’s role, particularly that of Britain, in efforts aimed at ensuring the setting up of an independent Palestinian state, which is a prerequisite for Middle East peace,” said the statement.

King Abdullah warned against “the dangers inherent in the Israeli unilateral actions, especially the construction of settlements and other measures that threaten the identity of Jerusalem and holy places there, and called on the international community to put pressure on Israel to halt such steps,” added the statement.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry urged the international community to protect occupied Jerusalem from the “racist steps” being taken by Israel to change the demographics of the city.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman appealed to the United Nations Security Council with the complaint that Israel has been trying to change the demographic reality in all Palestinian territory, particularly in occupied Jerusalem.

The Egyptian complaint came just before Clinton arrived in Cairo, culminating days of meetings across North Africa and in the Zionist entity. Clinton was met in Cairo late Tuesday by the U.S. Mideast peace envoy, Mitchell.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit also said on Tuesday that Cairo wants assurances that any Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations would ensure a Palestinian state and not be used to “waste time”.

Clinton, facing Arab accusations that she had been too soft on Israel, later said in Morocco that Israel’s offer to show restraint on settlements fell short of U.S. expectations.

“We want to have guarantees for the Palestinians … that ensure them that these negotiations will not be used to waste time or to accomplish Israeli objectives against them,” Aboul Gheit told a news conference in Cairo.

He said Egypt also wanted “guarantees that give them the right for a Palestinian state”.

Clinton is on a whirlwind trip through the Middle East seeking to garner Arab support for the resumption of stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

She is due to arrive in Cairo later on Tuesday and will meet with Aboul Gheit and Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman before holding talks on Wednesday with President Hosni Mubarak. The talks are likely to focus on the peace process.

Aboul Gheit, asked about Clinton’s stance on resuming talks, said he was hoping for clarification on Washington’s view. “I have to wait and see the reaction of the American Secretary of State as she arrives in Cairo tonight, because she gave certain explanations last night. We have to get them ourselves and then consider the issue,” he said.

While in Morocco, Clinton offered aid to boost ties with the Muslim world and urged Israel, the Palestinians and Arab countries to move beyond recrimination in the search for peace.

After a weekend of heated words about the perceived U.S. tilt toward Israel on the issue of settlements in the occupied West Bank, Clinton said it was important for all sides to “be careful about what we say” and avoid angry rhetoric. “We are determined and persistent in the pursuit of that goal,” she said in a speech at a development forum in Morocco attended by Arab ministers.

1.Al Manar,Lebanese News Outlet

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