Dear AIPAC Call-Girl


Dear AIPAC Call-Girl,
How does it feel to sell your soul for a shekel? Does it make you feel all tingly inside to know that you spat on an unbiased UN report which you,more than likely,never read?

2,500 pages. Two-thousand five-hundred pages of unbiased and unwavering truth collected and presented by a Jewish South African Zionist. A Jewish,South African Zionist.

But, just like the other Pro-Israel harlots currently doing political strip-teases in the “United States Congress” you have decided it is in your [bank accounts] best ‘interest‘ to refuse any further investigation of the Goldstone report.
I dare not even attempt to ask why,for I know the answer:

You are a vile,spineless whore.

The blood of over 1,400 innocent men,women and children are on your hands and no matter how harsh I may seem I could never show the truly perverse nature of your actions.

How does the blood of innocent children taste? Is it bitter and hard to swallow or has it become much more palatable for you after your apathetic stance over Iraq and Afghanistan?
How does it feel to sell the American people short in order to make your extravagant life-style possible?

You have raped and pillaged the constitution in order to advocate a senseless and immoral ‘state’ hell-bent on denying inherent rights to the indigenous population – The Palestinians.
You have caused the world to see us as monsters while you steal innocence from every region of the Middle East,all in the name of your elitist evangelism.

I only pray that when you attempt to sleep at night you hear the screams of Gazan children; some buried alive,some burned alive and others struggling to live their lives under occupation.

You are clear evidence of the evil which exists in this world – Delving in parasitic sin,living to destroy and purloin for political prostitution.

You are no thing more than an AIPAC owned and operated whore,and you are no representative of mine.

I suggest you make Aliya to Israel for that is where your true allegiance is located.

A Constitution loving American Citizen.



10 Responses to “Dear AIPAC Call-Girl”

  1. 1 Mittz

    Well dont hold back– say it like it really

  2. 2 Paul

    You don’t come out and say the name, so should we all assume it’s Nancy Pelosi? Horrible she is, yes, and it’s a fact there are other Zionist whores in congress too–and they’re not all female. And they’re in the Senate too.

    • 3 politicaltheatrics

      A link to those who voted in opposition to the report is provided down in the last article. Over 300 representatives. It’s sickening

  3. 4 Paul

    PS: The administration’s Cabinet is also swarming, infested, with them.

  4. Each one of those 300 Congressmen are whores to Israel…. When AIPAC has their annual meeting, they all go to suck and blow their gods. When they get a chance to go to Israel, they go there and pledge their undying allegiance to Satan.

    Americans voted for these whores…. That alone does make me sick!

    • 6 maggie

      Voting is a sham. Doesn’t matter WHO we vote for, they manage to manipulate it to APPEAR that certain persons have won. It’s all decided long before the election. George Bush’s second term is a case in point. At a time where his popularity ratings were in the toilet, he gets elected a second time? I strongly doubt it, and am personally convinced that voting is a waste of time. Certain people will win whether we vote them in or not.

  5. 7 Michele

    But don’t you know: they found the baby in a a box! Oh! There is a terrorist at Fort Hood! As usual the real news will be ignored and Americans will continue bleating at the stupid box. I am feeling particularly cynical today. Have a nice day!

  6. 8 Patty

    Just found this site through twittering.

    So, what can be done about this violence and the violation of human rights that occurs in every situtation?

    What causes this violence?

    What can stop it?

    You all grasp the hypocrisy of the politicians and the US concerns. Michele’s case in point about the US media hype that will follow the killings at Fort Hood is excellent ~ given the lack of media coverage about other systemic deaths.

    I am thinking the deaths that occur each year in the US due to lack of health care or the deaths that occur each year due to tobacco company profits or the deaths that are occuring in Afghanistan due to drone attacks…

    And, yes, the outrageous violations of human rights of Palestinians…we need to speak truth to the power of the Zionist lobby in US policies. How can we speak it so it is heard?

    Check out Bill Moyers on PBS.

  7. 9 NBob

    Voting is merely an exercise to give corrupt individuals the power to execute their agendas, which is to get rich on the backs of the very people who elected them. Politicians do not give a damn if the world goes up in flames once they get the opportunity to enrich themselves and satisfy their pervert desires. I am hopeful that some day the masses will wake up. This does not seem likely, however, when looks at the elected officials and they way they support the status quo.

  8. “Dear AIPAC Call-Girl,
    How does it feel to sell your soul for a shekel?” it’s way more than just one shekel, its millions of them unfortunately.

    How else does Nancy pay for all that botox, Jaysus, her eyebrows have not moved in years.

    After this vote, we can be assured that there are only 36 real Americans left in congress, the rest are all foreign agents

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