Palestinian,By Choice.


Today is Media Action Day for Gaza: An event which attempts to unite people under the banner of solidarity with those living under Israel occupation. This is my Op-Ed for M.A.D; A humble attempt to show my devotion to the Palestinian cause – regardless of my origin.

My fingers can’t help but pursue the feeling of smooth plastic brushing up against them in an attempt to spill forth words kept huddled inside a head too full and heart too big. It was a year ago today,November 5th, that Israel broke the cease-fire in Gaza which led to a 22-day military offensive against the Palestinians living in the strip called “Operation Cast Lead.
Israeli forces killed some 1,300 Palestinians, including 280 children, and injured approximately 4,300 others, including 1,100 children. Civilians comprised nearly
70 percent of the Palestinian death toll.

The aerial and ground offensive also destroyed 2,400 homes, 29 schools, 121 commercial and industrial workshops, 60 police stations, and 30 mosques. During the Operation, thirteen Israelis were killed including three civilians and four soldiers killed by friendly fire.
During this offensive all I was capable of doing was simply writing: blog posts, Op-ed articles, drawing up posters – anything I was able to commit myself to doing with my hands calmed my nerves but
never did it ease the earth-shattering pain in my heart.

All of my articles could not equate to the damning Goldstone report, led by South African Judge Richard Goldstone, which was a spine-tingling 2,500 pages – The report was finished being ‘read‘ by Israeli spokesman Mark Regev in less than 3 hours wherein it was swiftly declared “biased“.

A 22-day assault on humanity was accumulated within 2,500 pages and declared null and void in less time than it takes one to finish mundane activities at home. 22-days of deadly air-strikes on civilian homes, UN buildings, schools, places of worship and even ambulances was spat on not only once but twice; Yesterday the United States Congress (i.e. AIPAC call-girls) called on the President and the Secretary of State to oppose unequivocally any endorsement or further consideration of the “Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict”. The vote was a heart-stopping 344 representatives asking for the Goldstone report to be opposed while only 36 stood in favor of further consideration of the report.
A list of those who voted for calling off further investigation into the Gaza massacre along with those who supported the Goldstone report within the United States Congress can be found

This outcome was expected by those who have been around long enough to witness the perverse collaboration between United States representatives and the Israeli Lobby. The incestuous relationship being promoted within factions of US political parties is not only confounded but also diametrical to the values of the United States of America; our ‘representatives‘ are to work for us,not for Israel.

To the masses it seems like we are at an impasse with no alternative but to allow Israel to continue and pursue more assaults on innocent civilians all in the name of a theologically unsound conjecture : annexations and unquestioned genocidal tendencies all done in the name of evangelized elitism.

This imperialist catch-22 will be broken,just as the Gaza siege shall be broken and this is not an inconsequential statement but a promise.
This is a promise made on behalf of those who have lost their lives while defending their land and in respect to those still struggling to live under occupation.

So, to mark the one year anniversary of the Israeli cease-fire disengagement I would like to call on everyone to make a promise to the people of Palestine – that we will never let this happen again without making our voices heard.

Our vow to the people of Palestine:

  • We shall defend you with as much vehemence and fervor as we would our own lives or the lives of our sisters,brothers,fathers and mothers.
  • We shall not remain silent while you are tormented by illegal blockades, lack of water, proper medical supplies, food, clothing or other means of survival.
  • We shall uphold your  prerogative to defend yourselves as we would our own self-determination. Peaceful revolutions are foremost measures in your fight against apartheid but under International Law you also have the right to physically defend yourselves against Israeli aggression.
  • We recognize your inherent value to humanity and shall stand in solidarity through your moments of pain and long hours of struggle.
  • We profess that for every Palestinian who falls in the line of duty whilst defending his or her home and family we shall grieve and mourn as if we had lost our own brother,sister,father or mother.
  • We shall call on our communities to not only educate themselves but others over the tribulations being faced by the people of Palestine.

No justice,no peace. No justice,no peace. No justice,no peace.

Today,and everyday until every inch of Palestine is free,we are all Palestinian – maybe not by blood,but by choice.


4 Responses to “Palestinian,By Choice.”

  1. I cannot believe we have a government who care more about money than the lives of human beings. Heartless & corrupt, they all deserve to be called to court for treason.

  2. 2 the cook

    we all knew the USof israel would never vote the right way on this,i myself lived in hope that they would but deep down i also knew i was dreaming.the US is now compicit and an accsessory to the crime and i wonder if they realise this most obvious fact.when the truth finnally comes out which it will these spineless bastards will get what they richly deserve, i hope i’m around to see it.i’ll even take the time and spend the money to see it for myself,and the odds are i won’t be alone and we will all make lifelong friendships because we will finally know what peace really is.don’t they hang you for treason,chance would be a fine thing.

  3. 3 Michele

    My heart breaks for these people. No justice, no peace. Seems to be the underlying mantra for the zionists as well; for there is no justice or peace for any of us as long as Israel exists in name and state.

  4. What happened in ‘Gaza’ is part of the what is happening in whole ‘Palestine’ since the occupation was found. Nothing can make it ‘legal’ by any mean except the political chaos. On the other hand, Israelis called Goldstone report ‘biased’ because it described the mascara happened there which is something they are not familiar with since it tells the world the truth about what had happened.

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