Israel Depressed: Arms Shipment ‘Story’ Ineffective!


Once again, the Zionist entity seemed to be “depressed” after another attempt to hit the Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance was found to be useless.

On Wednesday, Israeli Navy commando force, that reached the deep sea in small boats, boarded the Francop, a cargo ship owned by charter company UFS traveling under an Antiguan flag. According to Israeli media, the crew of sailors did not resist the commando and said that they did not know what was in the large container on board. The commando force opened the container and revealed missiles, rockets, shells, grenades, and small arms.

The Israeli “novel” doesn’t end here. The main point is the following: the weapons are Iranians, they are destined to Hezb’Allah. Concentrating in this point, the Zionist entity sought to influence the international public opinion and “fabricate” a new story against the Resistance.

But, “unfortunately,” Israel failed in just convincing this international public opinion of the “accuracy” of its “novel.”

According to Israeli daily Yedihot Ahronot, the Zionist entity felt depressed by its failure especially that the most important and prominent dailies and newspapers of the world didn’t deal with the news as Israel has wished. The Israeli daily said that the capture news did not produce any “choc” within the international media panels, unlike the Hezbollah denial that made the headlines.

Indeed, top US dailies such as New York Times and Washington Post didn’t believe the news was a big deal. They published it in the secondary news. It didn’t get any priority in other UK dailies such as Daily Telegraph and The Guardian. Moreover, the Western dailies that published the “story” referred it to its initial Israeli sources without adopting it, at the time many of them openly said that the whole issue was an Israeli “fabrication”.

1.Al Manar,Lebanese Media Outlet


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  1. 1 James B

    I would like to point out that the fraudulent claim of ‘weapons bound for Hezb’ Allah’ had a second point of interest. The port which they claimed was used for the ‘smuggling operation’ was Cyprus, the port which The Free Gaza Movement uses as a sort of home port in their operations to assist the oppressed Palestinians that are conveniently forgotten when it comes to freedom and liberty, not to mention human rights.

    Please read some of the reports on the Fort Hood gunman being a supporter of Palestine. They’re throwing everything at us that they can to cover up the fact that its a zionism agenda issue more than anything else. And zionism crosses the boundaries of all colors, nationalities, and ‘religions’.

  2. Is it just the cynic in me or does something major happen anytime Israel gets exposed as being a mass murderer?

    During their murderous rampage against Lebanon in 2006, Mel Gibson conveniently got arrested for DWI and started mouthing off against one of the few LA cops who is Jewish, thereby giving that incident big time exposure while IOF shells, bombs and mortars fell on the Lebanese.

    The Goldstone report starts getting traction and lo and behold, a lone nut gunman who just happened to be a Muslim allegedly shoots up an Årmy base.

    The Zionist entity is running on fumes and is going down, let’s just hope it doesn’t nuke the entire world in the process.

    • 4 politicaltheatrics

      I believe it’s more of the ‘realist’ in you,not the cynic.
      This is exactly what happens every-time they are exposed to the public as the vile and perverse state they are.
      Let’s hope nothing too drastic occurs in the mean time but then again we all know something is waiting the water,especially now that the UN has confirmed the Goldstone report.

  3. Beware of the “Samson Option”…Israel is a demented beast and has showed it lack of empathy for anyone other than Israeli’s.

    • 6 Huggles

      After Israel’s murderous campaigns in Gaza and the Lebanon it really is proving to be a busted flush. All it can achieve are murders in a grand scale and vandalism. We should not forget that Olmert was receiving approval ratings in the 90 percentile as he eviscerated the Palestinians of Gaza last Christmas.

      As for the Samson Option, it is quite possible that the pirate state may commit hara-kiri in one last act of narcissistic self immolation. When that happens, the remaining zionists will be naked, prone and fairgame.

  4. 7 Mabel

    Judaism is neither a race or a religion, it is the most primitive of Human social structures, Xenophobic Tribalism.
    A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.
    1. The organization, culture, or beliefs of a tribe.
    2. A strong feeling of identity with and loyalty to one’s tribe or group.

    Anti-GENTILISM is the source of “antisemitism”. HUMANITY did not invent “antisemitism” and then wait thousands of years for judaism to appear, just so everybody could “hate” it for absolutely no reason. Jacob invented judaism, Moses codified anti-GENTILISM in his “torah”. Then judaism practiced anti-GENTILISM, their hatred of ALL NON-jews, and the only SANE reaction of any NON-jew is self defense, which the “Tribe” calls antisemitism.

  5. 8 Logician

    Why don’t they inform us daily of the trillions of dollars worth of military equipment received primarily from USA into Israel? How come Israelis are able to stop ships in international waters to search them for “illegal” armaments destined for other countries? Why don’t they tell us how they obtained uranium oxide with which to begin their nuclear capability many years ago, by hijacking a ship in the Mediterranean.

  6. 9 Matthew

    The Levitical Talmud is the source of all this law which tells that the Jewish peoples will inherit the world from the Goyim.

    Read Controversy of Zion, very revealing and ncessary in our times.

  7. 10 Smiddy

    ok I’m sick of all this Israeli crap…. time to send them all to Canada, where I’ve been informed, they’re all welcome….. and the rest of us can live in peace.


    • 11 Thomas

      Dude, I’m not sure we Canucks are down with that. How about a swap with your southern neighbour? Si?

  8. 12 elona-llyn-shoshanna kidner-williams

    Please do not send anymore Jews or Israelis to Canada – they are in the process of doing to Canada what they did to the USA.

    They had a large community in Quebec until a number of years ago and then betrayed the people there and moved en masse to Ontario, primarily Toronto where they have suddenly been joined by 100,000 Israeli Jews, most of whom are tied one way or another to communications and of course Israeli mafia and human smuggling, prostitution, etc. The present government may welcome them but the people of Canada do not and I believe that their presense here and the number of them who are involved in crime is being questioned by the public and will become an issue in elections very soon. At least, my friends and I are doing our best to make it so.

    I think that we should approach NASA and ask them to find a planet for these “people” – all of them and ship them off there.

    Why, by the way, does no one ever ask these people why they have not settled in Biribijian (Biribizian) the State that was founded for them in the Soviet Union in 1924 by Joseph Stalin to protect Jews from the Soviet public for crimes committed against them by Jews (they killed millions of Russian and Ukranians). The Jews had originally asked for Soviet Georgia but Stalin thought it was too easily accessible by those who wanted revenge on Jews for their crimes and so Biribizian was established and still thrives. Official languages are Yiddish and Hebrew. While Jews were crying about not having a homeland to the rest of the world throughout the time period of 1924 – 1948 they knew very well that they did have a homeland. There was absolutely no need for the biggest injustice of all time – that of people who did not own Palestine giving it away to people who also did not own it and had no claim on it either, since the only people who had constant claim by living on the land were the Palestinians who are the direct descendents of all who went before.
    We need another vote in the UN – a binding vote in the General Assembly with no Vetoes allowed. “It us now known that Jews have already another State in which to live called Biribijian, this evidence was hidden from us by the Jewish leaders prior to the 1948 when they claimed to have no homeland. After sixty years of Jews not allowing Palestinians to live in their homeland and of massacres we ask that you vote that we now return Palestine to Palestinians and move all Israeli Jews and Jews from every country to their homeland of Biribijian. This country will also be totally disarmed and not allowed to form a military in the interests of world peace.” This, I believe should be the wording of the resolution. The answer will be a resounding yes and the UN should be prepared to send in the UN troops immediately to remove all Jews and protect Palestinian people. Also all Jewish leaders would be arrested for trial at that time.

    I can see no other way of ending this and it must end now. May Allah (SWTA) shower his blessings on all Palestinians wherever they are, especially the wonderful Palestinian Mothers – who are the most beautiful people I have ever known as well as the bravest, strongest, cleanest, most loving and most loyal wives and mothers imaginable. How other women from the west could learn so much from these women!! Not only from the West by the way, from other countries such as Egypt, and North Africa also.

  9. 13 michael mazur

    Depressed ? ? Shouldn’t be a surprise.

    Yeah, i’d be too, if i were them, as now the knowledge is spreading that physics Prof Steven E Jones this year released the paper comprehensively and totally irrefutably demonstrating that the WTC 911 towers were demolished by nano thermite, and so the Jewish State is desperately, desperately trying to get a war going against Iran, and by risking no matter how laughingly transparent the false accusation that Iran is shipping a plethora of arms to Hezbollah shows that they know they will soon be fingered as being the manufacturers of the nano thermite unless they do something drastic.

    So, at the risk of being laughed at they have to do these absurd fabrications that Iran is supplying missiles to Hezbollah, so urgent is their situation !!

    From their point of view they desperately need to head off this growing realisation of only Israel having been the manufacturer and installer of this nano thermite by getting a war going against Iran with the US doing the heavy lifting – and with nukes, in the hope that this kicks off ww3 and demolishes America, for if there is no ww3 America will demolish the Jewish State for their base betrayal, as by then it will be an honour to be an anti semite against these Khazar frauds masquerading as a people who in the 8th Century converted to Islam with its advent there in Palestine. Ask Dr Shlomo Sand.

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