About Political Theatrics

What’s in a name?

Politics (pŏl’ĭ-tĭks)
Spanish: Política,
German: die Politik
Japanese: 政治学

logoPolitics is blatantly defined as a science or art of political government;When played out precisely it is more or less an artistic representation of deception,war and instability.
Theatrics are defined as ‘of, relating to, or suitable for dramatic performance or the theater’.

The idea behind this blog is simple to say the least.

Political Theatrics is an art in and of itself,suitable for dramatic performance in front of the masses,made to sway them in whichever way the governing body sees fit.
You pay to see the show with your Liberty and forfeit any and all opinions at the door.This blog is the one rowdy viewer amongst the crowd,questioning the parasites behind the theatrics – giving no standing ovations to any left or right political paradigm.

The mission:
PoliticalTheatrics is an alternative blog set up much like a news outlet- minus the fees,fines and frustration. A vast array of sources are selected based on validity and the level of intriguing evidence portrayed in an article,which may be often underplayed or ignored by the mainstream media.
Here at PoliticalTheatrics the goal is to dissect and broadcast any and all stories while providing commentary and opinions, specifically about issues that highlight international struggle, injustice and resistance.

Site History:
PoliticalTheatrics was started April 10th,2009 and is authored by a single person trying to satiate a need for truth in a world voraciously devoured by inconsistencies and uncomprehending propaganda and lies.
The site now averages about 6,500 hits per week from over 152 countries across the globe and a humble track of at least 1000+ views a day.

The website is updated continuously throughout the week and links to stories of national and international import are always featured.

PoliticalTheatrics has also begun to trend articles and featured Op-Ed’s which display exclusive stories and commentaries from bloggers around the world who dedicate their time to providing readers with further insight into the happenings of the world often hidden by the main stream media.

About The Author/Creator:
The author is not set in the left or right political paradigm,neither standing with Democrats or Republicans – instead, acting independently and away from the poisonous political ‘koolaid’.

Everything you should know about this author is that articles written on PoliticalTheatrics are moved only by blatant reality,fed only by Rubik’s truths,and understood primarily by what is read in the underground,instead of what’s heard in the mainstream.

Read what’s written to gain a perspective into what the author believes and thinks in relation to an array of subjects – you won’t agree with everything,but who said that mattered?

How To Contact The Author/Creator:
Though I run a tight and often times headache inducing schedule I can be easily contacted via my domain email account wherein you should expect a prompt reply;within 1-2 days during a good week and up to 3 days during a busy one.

Please refrain from asking all too personal questions: who I am,where I am,what gender I am etc because I shall not give you a reply to any of the above or any questions that run similar to the above. What I provide you with on my website does not have anything to do with my personal life nor what region of the world I reside in.

If you wish to learn more about my views on certain issues I will be more than happy to give you a short or lengthy reply,depending on what you ask for. If you wish to know what I study or read and how these items formulate my political viewpoints I will be more than happy to give you this tidbit as well.

But above all keep your questions to the point,this will make it easier on the both of us.

Quote The Author Lives By:
“If the government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another,then,I say,break the law.”
– Thoreau

Journalism just got a bit more radical.


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