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Once again, the Zionist entity seemed to be “depressed” after another attempt to hit the Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance was found to be useless. On Wednesday, Israeli Navy commando force, that reached the deep sea in small boats, boarded the Francop, a cargo ship owned by charter company UFS traveling under an Antiguan flag. According […]

Much is made of Israel’s political power in the west and particularly in the US. There have been private complaints about it for decades. Only recently has it become possible to speak about it in public. Still the iron fist inside the chain-mail glove is only for private discussion. Back in 1990 when Israel was […]

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday said Iran now deals with the West over its nuclear program from a position of power. The comment from Ahmadinejad came as Iran is negotiating with the West over a UN-backed proposal to ship its uranium abroad for further enrichment. The UN-brokered plan would require Iran to send 1.2 […]

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday it is still difficult for Iran to trust Western powers when it comes to negotiations, but he hopes the nuclear dialogue between the two will continue. His comments came as the White House warned that US President Barack Obama will not wait forever for Tehran’s response to a […]

HuffingtonPost So the generals are brewing, and the veterans are getting restive. Nine months after Obama’s inauguration, according to the Times, the military establishment is beginning to lose its patience with a president who has yet to commit to a coherent plan for Afghanistan. Needless to say, Obama’s delay isn’t for lack of information, much […]

Al Manar Israel and the United States started on Wednesday their largest-ever air defense drill simulating missile attacks on the Zionist entity dubbed Juniper Cobra, officials said. During the two-week maneuvers,Juniper Cobra, some 1,000 American personnel will mesh ground- and ship-based missile interceptors like the Aegis, THAAD and Patriot with Israel’s Arrow II ballistic shield, […]