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Once again, the Zionist entity seemed to be “depressed” after another attempt to hit the Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance was found to be useless. On Wednesday, Israeli Navy commando force, that reached the deep sea in small boats, boarded the Francop, a cargo ship owned by charter company UFS traveling under an Antiguan flag. According […]

It took place on October 26, 1948 in Lebanon. Houla is located in Southern Lebanon, only a few kilometers from the Israeli border. When Arab volunteers gathered to liberate Palestine from “Israel” occupation, they established their headquarters in Houla, on hills overlooking Palestine. The force was successful in fending off major attacks on Lebanese villages, […]

Al Manar Exclusive Israeli occupation army fired seven artillery shells at the Wadi Slouki region, near the town of Houla in south Lebanon. News agencies reported a Katyusha rocket had been fired earlier from the same bombed region targeting an open area in the Israeli settlement of Keryat Shmona without causing injuries. No group immediately […]

Al Manar Israeli daily Haaretz revealed on Monday that Israel informed the United Nations that it will continue its spying activities in Southern Lebanon after the United Nations has asked the Zionist entity for clarifications on “listening devices” that were uncovered near the village of Hula in southern Lebanon last week. The request was made […]

Al Manar It’s, once again, the Israeli “creativity” in fabricating stories… Unfortunately, it’s also once again the Lebanese and Arab “creativity” in “adopting” the Israeli “imagination” and spreading it… On Monday, breaking news constituted the headlines in Lebanon, the Arab world and the Zionist entity. A “vague” blast hit the southern town of Teir Felsay […]

On 6 June 1982, the Israeli army invaded Lebanon in what it described as ‘retaliation’ for the attempted assassination of Israeli Ambassador Argov in London on 4 June. The invasion, soon dubbed “Operation Peace for Galilee,” progressed rapidly. By 18 June 1982, Israel had surrounded the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s (PLO) armed forces in the western […]