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thread spamming (you’ve posted this same comment elsewhere on the site)
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Take note  of the fact that:
genuine anti-Semitism will be deleted

My premise is that Zionism and Judaism/The Jewish people are not intrinsically related to one another thus cannot be attacked by blanket statements which elude to such a contention.


The author of this blog strictly believes that all human beings,regardless of race,religion, nationality, or creed,share common universal values.
These values include the inherent right of defending themselves against any and all attempts to strip from them dignity,justice and liberty.

Do not make any attempts to try and find out the name,age,sex,or location of the author. Strictly speaking,it will not be disclosed to any party regardless of their influence.

By reading this blog you are stepping on hallowed ground,so please take head and pay your respects when it is due. If you happen not to like the authors opinion when it comes to a certain subject matter try and avoid ignorant Ad Hom attacks,they leave your argument null and void on most occasions.

The author of this blog is highly capable of carrying on lengthy debates regarding any and all political matters so do not think that you will be dealing with a pseudo-intellectual.

PoliticalTheatrics is an equal opportunity blog,and the author intends to keep it that way.


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