A majority of the following links were provided by a Anti-Zionist Jewish reader of this blog.


A Clean Break: Securing the Realm

PNAC/Rebuilding America’s Defenses/pdf

Mearsheimer & Walt/ LRB/ Israel Lobby


WashingtonNote/Dennis Ross defends Scooter Libby/bad choice

Youtube/ Irving Kristol Neo-traitor! video


Washington Times web archive/US Military SAMS: Israel ruthless/false flags
US Military Doesn’t Trust Israel – Leaked US Army Report

Guardian/Obama camp prepared to talk to Hamas

Nation/ Bush’s War Totals / Iraqi toll of War

Wmrea/AIPAC election fix / 80’s CA Cranston

AP/Bush reportedly rejected Israeli plea to raid Iran

Haaretz/White man’s burden/Who was behind iraq war

JPost/Olmert:Rice left embarrassed at UN/Gloats

HuffPo/ This just in: Israel is 51st state!

Mondoweiss/ Larry Summers told Steve Walt he’s ruined

Nation/ Can We Talk?/ Eric Alterman / Stop the Presses


France24/Livni: expel Israeli arabs to palestine/no pluralism in israel:Livni Reveals Policy to Expel Israeli Arabs

JewishAgency/Israel Declares End to Ethiopian Immigration

Haaretz/Israel bans Arab parties from running in elections/1/09

Haaretz/Barak suggests underground railroad for Pals WB-Gaza

Likud Party Platform

YouTube/Israeli political ad/Hadash peace party Elections: The Left Wins the Blogosphere

Debkafile/Israel involved Georgia-Russia fight

Haaretz/Russia declares itself ready to make peace with Georgia

NYT/Op-Ed/The One-State Solution / MUAMMAR QADDAFI

Samsonblinded/ Respect Your Enemy / Dont ridicule Hamas


Israel Still Expanding Settlements in 2008

Mondoweiss/CBS 60 minutes Israel 2-state solution done/settlements

NYT/Israel seeks $2billion from US for Gaza settlement withdrawal 2005

Occupation magazine/flourishing state of Judea

Nation/Avigdor Lieberman/Israeli MP’s live in settlements WB

Townhall/”Case for israeli settlements”/shapiro/ settlements

NYT/2005 Israeli settlers destroy gaza greenhouses

Ynet/Settlers to Ethiopian troops: Niggers don’t expel Jews

Ynetnews/Olmert: Israel should quit occupied land / settlements,7340,L-3603841,00.html

Mondoweiss/ Exclusive: Google map of Israeli settlements from leaked database


BBC/Jail terms for Israeli neo-Nazis

BBC/Israeli anger over ‘Nazi’ group

BBC/Israeli ‘neo-Nazi gang’ arrested

Haaretz/Gideon Levy / Does Zionism legitimize every act of violence and injustice?

Globe&Mail/Anti-Arab sentiment swells among Israeli youth

Ynet/graffiti left in gaza by idf/uncivil society

Tikun olam/”most moral army in the world”

Haaretz/IDF rabbinate publishes hate leaflets for soldiers

YouTube/ Israeli Rabbi David bar Chayim -“No Gazans innocent”/Video

Guardian/How Israel drowns dissent/worrying trend

Jpost/bush to israel: Treat minorities better

Haaretz/Olmert decries ‘deliberate and insufferable’ discrimination against Arabs

Ynet/Settlers to Ethiopian troops: Niggers don’t expel Jews

NYT/2005 Israeli settlers destroy gaza greenhouses

CNN/Israeli PM: Settlers’ actions tantamount to ‘pogrom’

JPost/Why Israelis worry

Image/ Jewish Israeli settler kids with guns


Israel funded Hamas/ UPI investigation

PBS/Michael Leavitt’s account of Israel’s Hamas support

NYT Gaza boomerang

Haaretz/Arab initiative, Israeli choice /1.27.09

Arab World offers Israel normal relations, full recognition 2003

NPR/Arab League Presents another Peace Plan to Israel/2007

Ynet news/Hamas offers to recognize israel within 67 borders,7340,L-3249568,00.html

Independent/Hamas recognition of Israel/2006

JPost/Hamas working on new charter/2006


Hasbara Handbook pds/ direct link

Haaretz/Israel to mount Intl PR effort gaza/ 12/28/08

Israel Politik/Israeli students send aid to Gaza

JCPA/Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs/peace complicated

Guardian/Special spin body gets media on message, says Israel/1.02.09

NYT/Save Darfur Coalition a Zionist distraction

Save Darfur/ List of members orgs, most zionist

Haaretz / HYPOCRISY! anti-semitism = Islamophobia/ Dangerous equation

WW4Reports / Save Darfur – Zionist Conspiracy?

Peoples geography /Top 10 Reasons Save Darfur is a Scam


TimesUK/Israel threatens to unleash holocaust on gaza 3.08

Reuters/Shadow of Warsaw Ghetto over Gaza-Israel border/1.10.09


Haaretz/Livni says must change regime in Gaza 12/15

UKTimesonlin/ Israel Threatens to Unleash Holocaust on Gaza/3.08

Ynet/IDF: hamas didnt carry out attack broke ceasefire/1.27,7340,L-3662806,00.html

Haaretz/Haniyeh: Hamas willing to accept c/F/11.08

CNN Video/Rick Sanchez/fact check/ who broke ceasefire? israel

Haaretz/UN official says Israel broke truce/12.30

FP/Marc Lynch/How badly did Gaza poison the well? (for obama)

Statesman/ 1.6.08 Israel rejects even temporary ceasefire.

WaPo/Israel Must Stop Fanning the Flames That Consume Us/Grossman

National post/ 1.06.08/ israel rejects ceasefire

HRW/Israel indiscriminate bombing of UN in Lebanon Report

Haaretz/IDF admits exaggerating Gaza rocket severity/ 1/4/09

Hardnews oped/ India’s restraint vs Israeli belligerence

TimesOnlineUK/Egyptian brokered ceasefire broken by israel/11/15/08

Haaretz/IDF used girl as human shield

Time Magazine/ UN: no hamas in UN school bombed by israel in gaza,8599,1870087,00.html

Reuters / UN Gaza school bombing/Israel admits

Irish Times/hamas & israel using human shields in gaza

Haaretz/And now, a fetus/fetus head exploded by idf bullet

Israeli commandos dress up like Hamas /

ArabNews/Israelis are addicted to war

LRB/Henry Siegman/Israel’s Lies/jan09

Haaretz/At the Gates of Yassergrad/ Israel uses Warsaw Ghetto

YouTube/Israeli soldiers say “cleansing” Gaza

GN TV/Gaza zoo destroyed, animals killed/video

EyesontheLies/gaza zoo decimated/animals killed

Antiwar/Israel doesn’t get 4GW

Antiwar/The best counterinsurgency: unentangle


UJC/European Poll: Israel biggest threat to world peace/wiesenthal response-Poll: Israel Biggest Threat to Peace

Israel Today/Survey: Israel worst brand name in the world

BBC/Worst Image in the World/Israel

WorldPublicOpinion/Israel-Palestine Poll/70% wants US neutral

Rasmussen/Israel vs Gaza/ 31% US democrats support

Salon/ Oddities in US debate over Israel/Gaza/ disconnect w/ leadership


Free Republic/Story on Qaeda’s Adam Pearlman Gadahn

Fox News/ Carl Cameron Special on 9/11 Israel Spy Ring

Youtube/Dancing Israelis 9/11 confession video

Haaretz/netanyahu says 911 good for israel

IPS/interview CIA robert baer/iran, zionism, us/1.23

Ynet/ old Haganah weapons discovered in synagogue / terrorism,7340,L-3667392,00.html

Mideastweb/The Lavon Affair –

Wikipedia/Lavon Affair

Brittanica/Lavon Affair

wikipedia/USS Liberty

gtr5/ USS Liberty Memorial Site


AJN/Questioning Israel’s Good Faith/book review

Greenstein’s blog/The Nazi Mentality of Zionism’s Devotees

LRB/Henry Siegman/Israel’s Lies/jan09


Daily Express/Judea declares war on Germany/ image 1933

YouTube/Rabbi Meir Kahane on character of Judaism /Video

Nation/Chris Hitchens takes on Elie Wiesel’s lies 2001

Israel’s alliance with South African apartheid regime

Wikipedia/Israel-South Africa relations Archive/Balfour Declaration clipping/Rothschild of Israel

Time/Who’s Land Is This? 1980 settlement policy

Time/Strange Way to Make Peace/1979/settlement policy

Mt.akbar/Meir Kahane on damaging Greek intellectual legacy

Rabbi Meir Kahane interview/ democracy in judaism

Time/Israel’s Dayan walks out/over settlements/ 1979,9171,916982,00.html

Wikipedia/Moshe Dayan bio

GoogleSites/Anecdotes Project/Moshe Dayan quotes

NYT / Does Talmud Contain Roots of Racism?

What the Talmud Teaches/ Rabbi Bar Chayim/pdf

Counterpunch/Freedom Fighters, Terrorists or Schlemiels?


Guardian/British Jews Ask Israel to Stop Gaza

Telegraph/ More Jews immigrating to Germany than Israel/ 2008

Jpost/Jews flock to Germany

Telegraph/Israel’s anxiety as Jews prefer Germany

Haaretz/Jewish sense of victimization perpetuating the conflict?

Time/Can Jewish People Survive Without An Enemy?

Forward/Attachment to Israel declining among young amer jews

LA Times/ Op-ed Joel Stein How Jewish is Hollywood?

RadioFreeEurope/ahmedinijad is Jewish?

Jewish Law/Commentary/stopping assimilation/dershowitz vs abrams

JewishJournal/ Madoff problem minor compared 2 assimilation

Commentary/Madoff scandal and Future of American Jewry

Australian Jewish News/John Safran’s guide to unexpected Zionists/Lavey, KKK

Guardian/ Prominent Jews Call for Open Debate on Israel

LATimes/Israeli organized crime spreads to Los Angeles / Babylon & Beyond


Baltimore TV/Signs vandalized w/hate speech synagoges

Baltimore TV/Hate vandal member of synagogue/false flag

WBAL/Hate Vandalism by synagogue member /false flag

BaltimoreTV/Video swastika @ synagogue/false flag

SFGate/French subway anti-semitic attack hoax chirac/false flag

BBC/French anti-semitic subway attack was hoax/false flag

BBC/French subway “victim” a/s hoaxster sentenced/false flag

Wikipedia/Daniel Burros – KKK-Nazi leader bio Jewish/false flag

Wikipedia/Kerri Dunn bio/claremont college a/s hoax/false flag

LATimes/Kerri Dunn anti-semitism hoaxster charged/false flag

The Simon/Stomping out Phony Hate Crimes dunn/false flag


Youtube/Hedge fund sheister David de Rothschild/climate change

Yahoo finance/Madoff investors knew cheating

Jewish Weekly News/Hadassah $130 mil Madoff windfall


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