Frequently Asked Questions about Political Theatrics,the author and the website:

Q: There is a comment that I find insulting and in violation of your policy. What can I do?
A: You can email me directly about the comment. This alerts the me immediately thus giving me a chance to either delete the comments that don’t comply with my site policy or explain to you why they shall remain.
If you just happen to disagree with a comment I will not remove it, everyone has the right to voice their opinion regardless if you agree or not.

Q: Can I have your articles emailed to me?
A: Yes.On the main page you will see an area on the right that states ” subscribe to PoliticalTheatrics via email”. Click the envelope icon wherein you will be asked to enter your email address. This way you can keep track of the all articles,stories and items published on PoliticalTheatrics.

Q: Why should I believe anything you tell me?
A: You don’t have to. This website was created specifically out of the need to give substantiated information to people around the world who find themselves stuck between what the media tells them and what intellect has defined as idiotic,senseless,and just plain asinine.
The author does what is best to provide all readers with highly opinionated posts that are substantiated and remain true to every sense of the truth.

Q: Why don’t you talk about yourself?
A: I have a personal blog wherein I talk about my life,daily events and what-not but this site is about politics and those reading wish to know events that matter in their daily lives instead of having to read trains of personal diatribes.

Q: What media outlet(s) do you trust in terms of news?
A: I watch a vast array of International Media outlets (including the ones linked on the right side of the main page) along with some items in the mainstream media (i.e CNN,FOX,ABC…).
The reason I still watch some mainstream media news outlets is due to the fact that to make substantiated comparisons between the truth and lies both must be acknowledged as one or the other.

Q: Are you an Atheist?
A: No. My religion,bluntly speaking,has little to do with this website but I am not an Atheist.I have no animosity against the respectful members of humanity who do not adhere to a faith,and my religion will not come into play in terms of the facts presented on this website.
I present a political outlook on society and events that transpire and I will never impose any of my religious beliefs onto those reading my articles,I expect the same from those commenting on my website.

Q: Are you Palestinian?
A: No,though I am of the opinion that one does not need to be of a certain race,creed or background to be in solidarity with them.

Q: Are you a [Liberal,Democrat,Republican etc…]?
A: I usually give this answer whenever I write an article but to put it bluntly,I do not fit into any political paradigm that can be simply defined as any of the above mentioned. In terms of my political ideology I am an anti-war Liberal Socialist/Constitutionalist and political rationalist who does not vote based on parties but on values and objectives.

Q: If you like America why do you speak against the United States so much?
A: Dissent is one of the highest forms of patriotism and my continued defiance of the policies being made by the United States and Co’ is indeed a sign of admiration and respect for the true nature of the nation; I do not abide by imperialist motives,be they used by the United States or otherwise.

“The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then.”
Thomas Jefferson

Q: Do you ever delete comments that do not agree with your point of view?
A: No.
My formal opinion is that the truth can withstand any amount of dissent and I am perfectly capable of defending my position,this in mind I can also say that I am not always clear of error and my opinion is open to change when I am in the presence of substantiated truth.
However,to protect readers against xenophobia, true anti-semitism and the like I will remove comments which display genuine hatred.

Q: Do you hate the Jews?
A: No. I despise the evil ‘ism’ that is Zionism,which has little to do with the Jewish people and the Torah and more to do with fascist,God-less dictatorial rule. Judaism & Zionism are the antithesis of one another and this is according to True Torah Jews such as the Anti-Zionist Jews of Neturei Karta.

Q: Are you for a one state or two state solution?
A: One State Solution. I believe in the rightful return of all Palestinians to their homes and their rightful land wherein they may live as they once did before the illegal occupation and usurpation of Palestine.

Q: Can I repost an article of yours?
A: As long as you give credit/track-back to my page. If I provide sources within the article I would like you to add those as well because this substantiates where information came from and gives the article a sturdier spine.


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